Take your modular setup to the next level with Wave and Wavefront

Wave is a MIDI ring that allows you to control sound with motion.

Wavefront is the Eurorack receiver module that connects Wave to your modular setup.


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Wave +

Wavefront Highlights

Unique Gesture Engine
Small form factor, only 4hp
Four high quality CV Outputs
Use the button as a 5v Gate
Tap any surface to trigger a 5V Pulse
Extreme Precision

Wave also works with all major DAWs, including:


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See it in action

See electronic musician, Hermigervill, use Wavefront to layer Wave into a beautiful semi-modular performance.

Watch the explanation

Watch the explanation
Hermigervill walks through his tropical performance and breaks down his gear setup and patches, showing how Wave connects to it.

Natural Expression for Eurorack

Wave’s unique gesture engine
Features four gestures: tilt, pan, roll, and vibrato,

Four high quality CV outputs
One for each gesture. Control CV from -5 to +5 volts.

Lasts for 8+ hours of constant use.
Full charge in 90 minutes.

Tap any surface to trigger a 5V pulse

Fully customizable
Adjust everything from the sensitivity to range of motion.

Use the button onWave as a 5V gate.

Small form factor
Wavefront is only 4hp

Extreme precision
Less than 1ms latency between Wave and Wavefront.