Forget about the computer!

Integrate the expressive capabilities of Wave directly into your modular workflow with Wavefront, the Eurorack compatible receiver for Wave.

Use subtle gestures to add vibrato to your favorite lead synth module, or use more visible gestures while performing.

The buttons are great for triggering sequences while the tap lets you interact with percussive modules in a completely new way. Drumming on a table has never been as fun!


In total Wavefront has six outputs: Three of which are high-quality CV outputs mapped to movements by default. The latter three are discrete outputs (either triggers or gate). By using our unique software you can customize the outputs to your liking.

  • Ultra-low latency. Controlling the radio on both ends enables a whooping *sub one millisecond of latency*.

  • Quick setup. Pair Wave with a click of a button.

  • High-quality 16-bit DAC outputs.

  • An open BLE API for connecting with other devices


“The Wave wearable midi controller and wavefront eurorack module are an incredibly awesome package for controlling your modular in a very expressive way.”

- Richard Devine, legendary Electronic Musician, Producer and Sound Designer 


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Wavefront in action


Technical Specifications

  • 1 ms latency from Wave.

  • High-quality 16-bit DAC and voltage references.

  • 10kHz CV refresh rate.

  • 400Hz sampling rate of sensors. 


Intuitive Control 

Three different motions allow you to control parameters by moving your hands. Click the buttons to send commands, such as play, stop or record. Tap any surface to trigger a note or sample.