"Wave isn’t the only gesture-controlled wearable to have hit the market in recent years, but it does look as if it could be one of the most practical to use, especially as you can still play your instrument of choice."

"For someone who has a setup they like but wants a novel way to tweak parameters with hand motions and maybe trigger a drum pad or two, the Wave wearable MIDI controller from Genki Instruments is an interesting option."

"The usefulness to musicians seems clear; wearing the controller lets you play your instrument or tweak your software while gesturing to control various effects or sounds on the fly."

"Out in the desolate wastes of deepest Iceland, magic blooms. The Icelandic sagas tell of fairy houses to magical rings that control the world, and now one of those, the Wave, has landed on the internet."

the artists


Dani Deahl

“I love this new toy - controlling effects in the air while DJing makes me feel like a wizard ”
- Dani Deahl, DJ



Bergur Þórisson

“Wave adds a new dimension to musical creativity”
- Bergur Þórisson, Hugar and recording artist for Björk


Richard Devine

“The Wave wearable midi controller and wavefront eurorack module are an incredibly awesome package for controlling your modular in a very expressive way.”
- Richard Devine, Electronic Musician, Producer and Sound Designer



"So bottom line, Wave is a ton of fun and it's definitely something I'd recommend if you play live and want to introduce more expression and modulation into your music."
- Loopop, Musician and YouTuber



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