Genki Instruments
introduces Wave

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This is Wave


Wave adds a new dimension to your music making!
Wave enhances your instrument's capability while allowing you to stay in the flow when you’re making music. Rotate your hand to change parameters, tap to create a beat and activate commands with a single click..

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Wave allows you to stay in the flow of creativity. By blending seamlessly into your current setup you can for example use presets to automate your workflow or trigger samples.

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Wave allows you to control parameters, trigger presets or change effects e.g. without taking your hand off your instrument. It adds a layer of creativity on top of the instrument you already use.

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Wave gives you that extra spark while performing to build a connection with the audience. It allows you to naturally control your music and express yourself more freely.


How it works

Wave is built around a powerful sensor array that is used to map your movements in space. The raw signals are transmitted via Bluetooth LE to the Wave Dashboard application, available free for download. You can choose which interactions you want to use and how they should affect your sound. You can either use presets or configure everything yourself.

Wave supports either MIDI or OSC and supports Bluetooth MIDI out of the box!


Wave launches on Kickstarter in the spring of 2018. Sign up to get notified when we launch and be sure not to miss our super early bird specials.