Wave - $199

Unleash the true power of your instrument.

Wave is a MIDI ring that allows you to control sound with motion.

Wave has three buttons, an LED display for visual feedback, micro USB charging port and an adjustable strap.

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Wave Highlights

Unique Gesture Engine
Fully Customizable
Software Included
Wireless connection
Extreme Precision

Works with all major DAWs, including:


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Adapt Wave to your unique setup with Softwave - Wave's software companion.

Maximize Wave's potential with Softwave

Wave's software companion that ships for free with Wave

Built in sound engine.
Start playing right away.

Host your own plugins
Host AU/VST3 plugins within Softwave and create presets within seconds.

Seamless DAW integration
Use Softwave to intuitively map all of Wave's functions to control your DAW.

Runs cross-platform
Softwave runs on MacOSX, Windows 10.

Fully customizable
Customize input ranges, sensitivity, CC values, notes and movement curves for each preset.

Add multiple presets to your preset bank. Change between sounds and settings on Wave without ever going back to the computer

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Making Waves

Viktor Ingi Guðmundsson, the lead composer for Myrkur Games uses Wave to add expression to his composition as well as to speed up his workflow.

See how he uses Wave or see more videos of people using Wave on our Youtube Channel