Genki Instruments partnership with Native Instruments

We´re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Native Instruments to make Wave a part of the new REAKTOR Blocks ecosystem.


What does this mean?

This means that with when you buy Wave, it ships with REAKTOR Blocks which includes Waveblock that connects Wave instantly to the software. Waveblock allows you to use Wave out of the box with REAKTOR’s powerful synthesis engine.

What is REAKTOR Blocks?

REAKTOR Blocks provides a platform for modular synthesis - a range of sound generating and sound shaping modules. You can patch them together to create new and unique modular synthesizers, effects chains, complex sequencers, and more.


What is Waveblock?

Waveblock is a receiver module within REAKTOR Blocks that lets you integrate the expressive capabilities of Wave directly into the REAKTOR ecosystem.

Wave gives you unprecedented sound control, effects shaping and manipulation via physical hand movements.

Use subtle gestures to add vibrato to your favorite lead synth module, or use more visible gestures while performing.

The buttons are great for triggering sequences while the tap lets you interact with percussive modules in a completely new way. Drumming on a table has never been as fun!

In total Waveblock has six outputs:

  1. Tilt - Movement output

  2. Pan - Movement output

  3. Roll - Movement output

  4. Vibrato - Gesture output

  5. Tap - Trigger output

  6. Click - Gate output

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