Genki Instruments

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We believe in function, technology and aesthetics.



To effectively solve current problems the solution needs to be functional and intuitive. When you use our products, they should feel like old friends and at the same time being groundbreakingly new.



We work with state of the art technology, pushing the boundaries of what has been and can be achieved. We create our solutions from the ground up.



Our products deserve to be beautiful. We carefully think about all the features and details so the experience of using the product is perfect.


Our Team


Ólafur Bjarki Bogason, CEO

Ólafur is the visionary behind Genki Instruments. He has a Masters in Music Technology from McGill University.

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Haraldur Hugosson, COO

Before joining Genki Instruments, Haraldur worked for Icelandic Startups, where he ran the business accelerator Startup Reykjavík. There he worked hands on with over 100 startups on their product market fit, go-to-market strategies and more.

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Daníel Grétarsson, CHA

Daníel is Genki Instrument's Chief Hardware Architect. He has built the technology behind Genki Instrument's products from the ground up and is an electrical engineer from the University of Iceland.


Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson, CDO

Jón Helgi is a product designer with a masters in interaction design from the Univeristy of Malmö. He has worked as a designer for companies such as IKEA, Fólk and Norður Salt where his design was awarded the Red Dot Design Awards.

Our Office

Borgartún 27
105, Reykjavík


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