1. General Information 

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Wave is a ring that has three buttons: Up, Middle and Down. An LED display provides useful visual feedback such as battery life and movement visualization.

Use the adjustable strap to fit Wave to your liking and charge it by using the cable provided.



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Wave is designed to be worn on the index finger, with the buttons facing your thumbs.



To turn Wave on press the Middle button. To turn it off hold Up and Down buttons simultaneously.



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  • Tilt, Pan and Roll are movements that track Wave’s orientation in space.

  • By moving Wave side-to-side you can generate expressive vibrato.

  • Tap allows you to trigger sounds by tapping on any surface.

  • Click enables you to use the Down button as a Gate.


2. Wavefront

Wavefront is a 4HP Eurorack module that enables you to integrate the expressive capabilities of Wave directly into your modular system.

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2.1 INstallATION

Connect the ribbon cable to the back of Wavefront and secure Wavefront to your rack. Turn your system on. A white LED should start fading in and out indicating that it has power and is ready to groove.


With both devices on, move Wave close to Wavefront and press the black button on the module. LEDs on both devices should now be stable. You can identify which Wave is connected to the module by pressing the button on Wavefront again. This will trigger the letters WF to be displayed on Wave’s LED display.

Wave will remain connected to Wavefront until it is explicitly disconnected by holding the button on Wavefront for three seconds.


 2.3 using Wave with wavefront

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The LED display indicates whether Wave is sending data or not. A horizontal line indicates that Wave is inactive while a floating triangle-wave means that Wave is actively sending data to Wavefront.

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3. Edit-Mode

Edit-mode lets you change how Wave works with Wavefront. You enter/exit edit-mode by holding the Up button and navigate the internal settings by using the Up and Down button.

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Press the Middle button to invert the movement’s direction.

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3.2 Movement Range

The default range of each movement is from 0 to 90 degrees. To change it simply hold the Middle button and trace the desired range of the movement. You can go up to 180 degrees.

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3.3 Vibrato Sensitivity

Hold the Middle button and move side to side to change the sensitivity.

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3.4 Output Range

The default output range for movements is -5V to +5V. This range is customizable for each movement by way of the output-range menu.

With the icon for the movement you want to edit, hold the Down button to enter/exit the output-range menu. You can now toggle between editing min/max values of the range by pressing the Middle button and increase/decrease by pressing the Up/Down button respectively.

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