Sneak Peak: Epilogos

Wave combines music with motion and today we want to show you a project that really emphasizes the motion aspect.

This is a sneak peak from rehearsals of Epilogos by Shay Kuebler Radical Systems Art, premiering 2019. We’ve always thought that Wave had great potential being used by others than musicians in live art performances. So, when we started talking to Kate De Lormo, who is the sound artist for Epilogos, we were instantly excited for what could happen.

About Epilogos
Epilogos is a performance work based around the Art of Rhetoric - the art of persuasion. RSA wants to explore with this work how a subtle gestural language can effect and alter all the performance elements live on stage.

About Radical System Art
Radical System Art was formed in February of 2014, in Vancouver, Canada. RSA aims to expand the art of physical performance through the lens of Artistic Director Shay Kuebler and a versatile amorphous language of dance, martial arts, theatre, music and other forms – utilizing both film and stage as mediums to promote, disseminate and enhance performance art. Blending multiple genres of art, the company pushes the boundaries of physical performance and is constantly researching and redeveloping its artistic form to reach new audiences. The goal of the company is to balance visceral, risk-taking physicality with precision, detail and structure. RSA focuses numerous art forms with a connection to new technologies and a theatrical sensibility, creating a greater accessibility for the public. The diversity and accessibility of the company’s artistic practice is key in expanding support for the art of physical performance, while pushing to discover the furthest edges of innovation in choreography and performance.

Performer Artistic Director: Shay Kuebler

Sound Artist/Programming: Kate De Lorme

Lighting Programming: Eric Chad + Rob Sondergaard

Genki Instruments